Out with the old...

and in with the new! The new blog is {mostly} finished! From now on all new sessions and announcements will be posted on the new blog..

Be sure to bookmark it and become a follower! Let us know what you think!

Just Sharing the Love..

We have a handful of gift certificates left over from Christmas. They are for a full 1-2 hour session, including a disk with all edits. We don't include disks anymore for portrait sessions so we very well can't sell the certificates....

what should we do with them?




wait for it....

I know! We'll give them away! It's Valentine's Day. I'm in the mood. What the heck.

 Ways to win:

#1 Blog the Love
 Write a blog post about what you like about Jada Love Photography and why you would love to win a free, no strings attatched, photosession. Make sure to provide a link in your post to either the website or the blog. Contact me with your name and a link to your blog post.

 Dave will be choosing his favorite post and I will choose one as well.
On March 1st we will announce the winners.

#2 Refer a friend
If you refer someone to us and they book a wedding this year, you will receive a gift certificate.

We will travel anywhere within the range of Cache county to Utah county for the session. If you live outside of this range, you are welcome to meet us within the area.
Gift certificates will expire in 2011.

Qualifying sessions include:
   newborn, maternity, family(up to 6 people), senior, missionary, bridal or engagement.

 This is the biggest giveaway ever. You don't want to miss out.
Happy Valentines Day!

It's the goofball brothers!

Yep. We'll admit it. They're ours. I was playing around with backdrops and lighting yesterday and needed models. Do you know how many gumballs I had to give them just to get them to sit on the stool in their pajamas? ALOT. 

This is Jared. He is such a silly little guy. He has this new shifty eye look he gives us that cracks us up every time. 
And this is Ashton. He learns from the best.

We love these little goofs so much. Don't know how we'd live without 'em.

 So, we're experimenting with the world of studio photography using natural light. What do you think so far? 

Spoiling everything...

Ok so this isn't the new blog of course, but I couldn't sleep and started changing some things around on here. I couldn't wait!! I didn't want to show the new logo until I released the new blog but it was killing me!!! What do you think of the new logo? I actually put a lot of time and thought into this one, I wanted one that I really really like so that I can keep it for a very long time. I have had over 12 logos in the past 14 months and I decided that I need to find something and stick with it. I had some help from my friend Miss Mint of Peppermint Creative, who allowed me to use one of her designs in my logo. Really cool. 
     So hopefully within the next week I will get done what I really have been needing to get done so that I can finally call my new blog FINISHED. It really is done, I just have to add one more thing that is taking me forever to accomplish. Anyways, looks like I rambling..so goodnight all!!

Jessica & Mick Engaged!

Mick and Jessica. Jessica & Mick. Messica. Scratch that. 
I just found out on Jessica's blog that she is a member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe.
She is so gorgeous.
So I have to laugh because in the beginning of the session I tell my clients not to pose and to interact with each other and then later on I pose them if I need to. Mick was so confused. He was like "So you DO want us to pose??" I'm pretty sure he thought I was crazy. It's ok. I am.
 He's a really GREAT poser though. Haha!
I love the next two photos. I told Jess to drag him along, but he was following all too willingly. Zero resistance. Come on men, can you blame him?

We went to some really swanky locations for the session. I am being sarcastic. It was muddy, I think I made Jess sit on broken glass at one point, and we came across a couple of abandoned shopping carts.
 Sometimes you just have to get dirty to get the good photos.



You guys did such a great job and are so easy to work with. We are so excited to work with you on announcements and at your wedding!! Happy planning!

p.s. Mick, Dave is just now realizing he was calling you NICK the entire session. He's sorry :)

What's shakin' Bacon?


I've been so disconnected from this blog!! I have been so caught up working on sessions and the business side of things, I kinda just throw some pics up and I haven't been very personal. I promise I will be better about letting my oddities shine through!!
      As many of you know, my husband Dave has been assisting me at most sessions and weddings lately. I am so excited that he has decided to be my official partner and second shooter at weddings and assistant at most sessions when he can, which is great because he lends a great hand and offers such a fresh perspective. He is such a fast learner and picks up on things so easily. Alot of times he steals the camera from me and makes AMAZING off the wall images and steals my clients hearts away. I am quickly learning to just step back and trust his instincts because the images he takes never fail to impress me.
Dave and I are making some BIG changes to the business, a completely fresh look and a lot of much needed equipment upgrades. We are going all out.

 Prepare to be amazed!

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